Editing Services

Copy Editing and Proofreading

This is the right service if you are in the final stages of preparing your book to submit or publish. I’ll review your book for grammar, punctuation and typos. You can also opt into notes around consistency and, if you like, light developmental edits around where the text might need clarification, etc. For a genre like LitRPG, we will discuss genre conventions and a style guide specific to your book for me to follow.

If you are interested, I will edit up to four pages so you can see if this service is a good fit before you determine if you’d like to work together.

Cost: $.01 per word (e.g. 50k manuscript –> $500)

Book Mapping

This is a great service if you are getting ready to edit your book and want to have a strong understanding of exactly what you have and where you have it in your novel. We’ll have a call at the start of the process to discuss your overall plot, major characters, and themes, and will work together to determine no more than seven areas to map. I will then read through your book and map out these areas as well as key plot points for every chapter of your book. Mapping gives you an excellent way to get a handle on your book and to see key areas to address. Excellent choice for Pantsers!

Cost: $.0075 per word (e.g. 50k manuscript –> $375) minimum $200

Interested? Email me at coral@coraljenrette.com